Inspirations - Talks and Panel

Get closer to the festival!   Watch, enjoy and learn!

Aimed at fellow artists, producers, programmers, parents, educators and care givers, find out how the invited Imaginique artists and arts groups create their work in engaging children through immersive and non-verbal performances.

How can the arts excite the imagination?  How can we incite and help children to stay curious?

Join us for the rare Artists Talks and the power Round table Panel to get up close with the artists and producers of Imaginique!

Post Show talks

Date, time, venueContent

Sat 14 Dec, 2 pm
Gateway Black Box

Get up close with Pontie Pie, the creator of ‘Loo’.  Creating immersive, non-verbal performance.

Sat 14 Dec, 5 pm
Gateway Gallery, level 7

Get up close with Brett Howe, producer of ‘Here I am’.

Arts inspirations from the children’s book and performance of ‘The Arrival’ by Shawn Tan.

Sun 15 Dec, 2 pm,
Gateway Black Box

Get up close with Pontie Pie, the creator of ‘Loo’.

Creating immersive, non-verbal performance.

Fri 20 Dec, 4 pm
Venue: Drama Centre, Blackbox Foyer

Get up close with Siri Dybwik?, choreographer of ’Toddlers Room’

Creating a playful, immersive environment for performance.

Sun 22 Dec, 7 pm
Venue: TBC, Esplanade

Get up close with the creators of ‘AIrPlay’.

Circus and street performance to trigger imagination.


Mon 16 Dec, 2 pm to 4 pm
Venue : Drama Centre, Blackbox Foyer

Talking about Theatre, making the most of live performance – a workshop for teachers

The workshop includes:
– an introduction to Imaginate and Edinburgh International Children’s Festival, what we do and why.

– an overview of our work with schools with a focus on two of our current projects, Immerse and Teachers’ Theatre Club

– an introduction to our Talking About Theatre resource, a free-to-use online tool to evaluation a piece of performance with a primary school class

– a practical session going through the Talking About Theatre experience

– additional activities teachers can do with their classes to explore more deeply the performance they have seen no pre-requirement to attend the workshop.

Round table Panel

Mon 16 Dec, 6:30 pm to 9 pm
Venue : Drama Centre, Blackbox Foyer

Round Table Panel – Journey of Engaging Children

A sharing of practice by artists, producers and programmers of how the arts can trigger imagination, engage creativity and excite children to stay curious.

Aimed at artists, educators, parents and care takers, this round table panel will show some of the trends, approaches, challenges and inspirations of how they are engaging children through the arts.

Speakers include:

1.     Kenneth Kwok – National Arts Council, Singapore

2.     Fiona Ferguson, Creative Development Director, Imaginate, UK Children’s Festival

3.     Brett Howe – Out of the Box Festival, Australia

4.     Jaime Lee – Singaporean based in Shanghai

Moderator: Jeffrey Tan, Singapore


Kenneth Kwok

Assistant Chief Executive (Planning and Engagement) National Arts Council Singapore

Kenneth Kwok is the Assistant Chief Executive , Planning and Development of the National Arts Council overseeing school education and capability development policies and programmes as well as the Strategic Planning, International Relations, and research teams. He was formerly a secondary school teacher, vice principal and Assistant Director of Curriculum Policy with the Ministry of education. He received the national Outstanding Youth in Education Award for young teachers in 2002. Kenneth has served as an adjunct lecturer for Educational Drama at the National Institute of Education and worked on community arts projects with various companies over the years such as The Necessary Stage, Drama Box and the Singapore Drama Educators Association.

Fiona Ferguson

Creative Development Director Edinburgh International Children’s Festival, UK

Fiona Ferguson joined Imaginate in September 2011. She originally trained as a flautist graduating with a Masters in Performance from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2001. Since then various jobs within classical music, music theatre performance, arts education and curation have led to a focus on live performance for children and young people. Fiona has worked as cultural coordinator, arts development officer and venue programmer. Her current role includes initiating and managing projects for artists and schools, mentoring, devising a year-round programme of artist development opportunities, curating platforms for artists incl. works in progress and scratch events. Fiona was previously on the Board of 7:84 Theatre Company and the CCA and is currently an Arts for Good Fellow for 2018.

Talking about Theatre, making the most of live performance

A workshop for teachers by Fiona Ferguson, Creative Development Director (Edinburgh International Children’s Festival).

Monday 16 December 2019
2PM – 4 PM
Drama Centre Black Box Foyer

* Limited Seats         *No Pre-requirement

The workshop includes:

  • An introduction to Imaginate and Edinburgh International Children’s Festival, what we do and why.
  • An overview of our work with schools with a focus on two of our our current projects, Immerse and Teachers’ Theatre Club.
  • An introduction to Talking About Theatre resource, a free-to-use online tool to evaluate a piece of performance with a primary school class.
  • A practical session exploring the Talking About Theatre Experience.
  • Additional activities teachers can do with their classes to explore more deeply the performance they have seen.

Brett Howe

Out of the Box Festival, Australia

The communities our children live in are full of sights, sounds, smells and tastes of cultures from all over the world. They are embedded by the plurality of society. Yet, when we look at them, or when they look at each other, do they see this? Here I Am asks children to really interrogate themselves, both internally and externally, and articulate this on paper. It draws out not just how they think they look, but how they feel about the world and themselves. And still, with all of our individuality, our similarities far outweigh our differences.

Brett is the Festival Director of QPAC’s Out of the Box Festival for Children Eight Years and Under, an early childhood festival of arts and education that has been running since 1992 in Queensland Australia.

Brett has a strong interest in the development of work and opportunities for children and young people, having sat on the boards of companies delivering for children and young people, led training and education programs, delivered on festivals for young people and has lectured and managed productions at several Queensland Universities. He has a history of mentoring young people and remains committed to working with children and young people and ensuring their voice and capacity is developed and maintained on the national and international arts landscape.

Jamie Lee

Founder of Newbility International Pte. Ltd.

Jamie is an experienced classical music agent and concert promoter, who founded Newbility Arts & Entertainment Ltd (Shanghai) in 2012, a company specializing in cross-over music projects. She has produced numerous Disney orchestral concerts like PIXAR in Concert, FATASIA, Magical Disney and is the licensed producer for Disney symphonic concerts such as “The Disney Princess Concert” and “Dream Come True” concerts, that has seen performances across Taiwan and mainland China.

Jamie’s plans for 2019 includes premiering of the first Hello Kitty Classical Family Concert tour in China, followed by an extensive concert tour that spreads to first half of 2020; Disney Princess Concerts in Pingtung Taiwan, followed by two concerts in Shanghai; and many other concerts such as Yoshida Kiyoshi’s special movie music concert, plus numerous master classes by maestros from Europe and US.

Prior to running her own agency, Jamie was the Chief Representative and General Manager for KAJIMOTO Concert Management, one of the most prestigious classical music agency in Japan. Prominent artists she has worked with include world famous orchestra conductor Claudio Abbado, pianist Maurizio Pollini, and movie music composer Joe Hisaishi. She is also an experienced orchestra touring manager, having toured the Philadelphia Orchestra, Orchestra de Paris, Czech Philharmonic, NDR Hamburg/Hannover and more.

Apart from being a concert promoter, Jamie has strong interests in music education. Before becoming a concert promoter, she was previously teaching elementary music at the Singapore American School, and was also a private piano teacher for many years. She has published two music appreciation storybooks for children, in Singapore and Shanghai. Future plans in education includes the storybook to be modified as edutainment shows for children.

Jamie received her Bachelors in Music degree from University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, Master’s in Music from University of Utah, and Executive MBA from University of Maryland Smith Business School.

Jamie speaks fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese and conversational Japanese. Her hobbies include flower arrangement, cooking, fashion, swimming, reading. She has also won several music competitions in Taiwan and Malaysia when she was a child.


 Jeffrey Tan


Jeffrey Tan has been working as a theatre director, drama educator and arts producer.  He holds a BA (Drama) from the Queensland University of Technology (Australia) and MA (Drama and Theatre Education) from the University of Warwick (United Kingdom).  

He was Resident Director with The Theatre Practice (1997), Drama Lecturer with LASALLE SIA (1999), Associate Artistic Director with TheatreWorks (S) Ltd (2002), Assistant Director with the National Arts Council (2007) and Assistant Director, People’s Association (2012).  Jeffrey now freelances as consultant, producer and guest director or moderator to bridge audiences to performances.

Jeffrey’s recent theatre productions for 2019 include “The Legend of Bukit Merah” – an Intergenerational Theatre between Kindergarten children and Seniors’ as part of BuySinglit 2019, “It’s Not Romeo and Juliat’ for Ageless Theatre, ‘MY Bridge of Love’ for the Marsiling Yew Tee community’s Bi Centennial play and ‘Open Homes’ with La Boite and Backbone theatre in Brisbane. 

Jeffrey has presented keynotes, workshops and papers at various International Drama Conferences in Australia, Canada, Shanghai, Ning Bo, China, Athens, Greece, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Korea, Northampton, UK, Paris, Tainan, Taiwan, New Zealand.  Jeffrey has been published in Drama Australia, National Journal, and Research in Drama in Education (RIDE) Journal.  He also continues to sit on the National Arts Council’s External Theatre Panel. 

Inspirations - Round Table Panel

If you are an artist , educator or parent , interested in engaging children through the arts, we invite you to hear from the round table panel as they share approaches, challenges and inspirations from their own practice.

Monday 16 December 2019
6:30PM – 9:00PM
Drama Centre, Black Box Foyer

*Register early to avoid disappointment.

*Limited spaces.